Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Perhaps the perfect use of a weblog

Rafe Coburg is right: Winning Argument may be the perfect use of this medium.

About Winning Argument
Most of the political debate in this country does not occur behind podiums but in backyards, bus stops and ball parks. This blog is an effort to give you – or at least those of you who agree with us – the arguments you need to convince others that you're right. If you disagree with the opinions expressed here, please make your case in the comments section.

Assertion; evidence in favor; evidence contradicting your opponents.

Simple. Useful. Elegant.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nuts! Coburg is shuttering his blog to work on Center for American Progress. Just when I'd discovered him, too.

Perhaps he'll be able to integrate this into CAP's site; there's a crying need for the left to re-frame issues and winning the argument is part of that process.

~Rayne Today (sorry, no Blogger account)

6:48 PM  

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